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iOS 11 – The iPad Reinvented

Since the release and overwhelming success of the iPhone, Apple has been focusing each iOS update to optimize the iPhone for better performance and functionality, neglecting the company’s other devices.

This being said, iOS 11 takes a step in a different direction, and here at this computer repair downtown Los Angeles company, we think it’s a step in a great direction.

Putting emphasis on completely revamping the layout of the Apple iPad, iOS 11 effectively reinvents the tablet device transforming it from an oversized iPhone to a fully functioning multitasking tablet.


Upon installation, the first thing you will notice is the redesigned control center. The new control center takes advantage of a single page display instead of multiple that previous iterations utilized. Shortcuts are customizable and app icons can be rearranged in bulk by tapping additional icons when prompted. Additionally, there is a one-handed keyboard as well as a “dark mode” that inverts displayed colors.

Beyond the immediate physical changes, Apple has also taken measures to advance its apps and services. Most notably, Siri has received several upgrades to make it more functional. Siri now uses a more human sounding voice. Additionally, Siri is able to preemptively add reservations, appointments, flights etc. to your calendar once you have confirmed the events in Safari. This being said, Siri still falls short of Google Assistant, but the new updated voice is definitely an interesting step in the right direction.

In addition to Siri, iOS also offers upgrades to photos as well as adding additional features such as the “Do not disturb” function that effectively stops notifications while active.

iPad Make-Over

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Before you stress about having to completely re-learn how to work on an iPad, take a breath. iOS11 utilizes the same core system previous iOS systems utilized but adds better features that are specially formulated to work with a bigger screen. For example, on iOS 11 you can now open 2 applications side by side with an additional app window that is maneuverable. In total, that means iOS 11 now allows users to use 3 applications at the same time on a single screen.

Probably most interesting of all is the new Files application that was added. Effectively turning the iPad into a “computer” the files function allows users to store, transfer and duplicate saved files. Moving and transferring files still requires some fine-tuning, and the application is far from perfect, but from a computing standpoint it is definitely a game changer. To make things even better, stored files can also be accessed on a user’s iPhone, further extending the multitasking capabilities of the newly revamped device.

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