computer repair downtown los angeles

With This, Your Computer Will Be Twice As Fast

Computers have been sitting on the sidelines of the tech industry for the past few years. Smartphones have consumed the tech space and taken the limelight with incredible leaps in advancement with each new release.

Intel just introduced a new line of technology that just might take computers out of the backdrop and have you trading in your used MacBook Pro.

computer repair downtown los angeles

Intel usually releases a new processing system once every two years. This being said, the tech giant is no stranger to the industry, and each rendition of their processing system effectively reshapes the computing industry. This year’s release, the 8th-generation “Kaby Lake Refresh” Core stands above the rest promising double the speed of its predecessor. Utilizing a 14-nanometer process as well as a quad-core system, new PC’s will see a potential 50% performance increase compared to systems just 5 years old.

Avid Apple and MacBook fans can only speculate to whether or not the major tech giant, Apple will decide to include these chips into the next generation of MacBook Pros. With double the speed and twice the performance power, many Apple users will be prompted to turning in their used MacBook Pros for a new computing powerhouse. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to make any statements on its inclusion of Intel’s new technology into its future releases, but here at Spring Street Mac, we’re hopeful!

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Spring Street Mac is a computer repair downtown Los Angeles based company. If you are experiencing either hardware or software malfunctions for your Mac device, our trained technicians offer premium service with second to none turnaround times. If you feel that your computer is beyond salvation, or if it’s time for an upgrade, Spring Street Mac accepts trade-ins or will buy your used MacBook Pro or used Mac device.

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