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2 Key Things To Look Out For In The Upcoming iPhone 8

As the red leaves beckon fall, we here at Spring Street Mac — a computer repair downtown Los Angeles store — are more excited about things besides pumpkin spice latte.

If the last couple of years were any indication, Apple is likely to have another special event in September, where they will likely unveil the new iPhone. While not much about the special event has been announced to the public, here are some of the things about the new iPhone you should definitely be excited for.

  1. Radical redesign

Although rumors about the new iPhone 8 abound, there is one thing that’s fairly certain: the new iPhone will veer away from the standard iPhone designs. It is rumored to have a curved, edge-to-edge OLED display, with a stainless steel body and a glass finish, unlike the older iPhone models which have aluminum bodies. Moreover, analysts claim that the new iPhone will be equipped with a USB-C connection port, instead of the conventional lightning connector, allowing for super fast charging. The alleged addition of a facial recognition feature may render the home button obsolete

  1. 2iOS 11

In June this year, on top of other products, Apple also announced their new operating system, iOS 11, which will likely be available for the new iPhone. Among the many new updates, the new iOS will feature new services and upgrades like Apple Pay, which allows users to pay friends through messages; a Siri upgrade, which enables the virtual assistant to translate phrases into different languages; and camera filter additions, which makes photos look more natural, vibrant, and expressive.


Yet, despite all the excitement surrounding the new iPhone, Apple has yet to give out any details of their upcoming special event and the new product, so anything is fair game at this point. For now, we Apple fans can only speculate; we will just have to wait till September to find out.


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